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Near the bottom of the page, there are four new necklaces! Moon and stars, Lilacs, Trash to Treasure, and Gold and Blue!

Asphalt Necklace! This necklace is created around a piece of beach-washed asphalt captured in a net of matte black, black, silver and matte silver Japanese size 11 seed beads. The cord is beaded in these same colors and splits into 2 halfway through. This necklace also features silver spacers and beaded beads. It is and is 14 inches around. 50.00

blue star. This necklace is beaded in matte transparent blue and hematite colored japanese size 11 seed beads. It features 3 beaded stars with hematite rounds as cores. This necklace is 16.5 inches around and is 30.00.

Firey necklace with jasper and chainmaille. The black section of this necklace is made in a netting stitch using black size 8 and 11 japanese glass seed beads, it then changes into silverlined red triangular Toho beads which connects to 5 Byzantine chainmaille segments. The focal point is a wire-wrapped jasper(?) donut with black bugle beads. Also throughout the necklace are red crystal bicone beads. This necklace measures 20 inches. It is 40.

Cherries necklace. This necklace is made from red, white, black, and dark green seed beads. It features a pendant made from shrink plastic with hand drawn cherries. It is held by a net of white seed beads. It is 15 inches around. This necklace is 40.00

Green and quartz. This is a great necklace made from several shades of green japanese glass size 11 seed beads. It features silver coated size 16 copper wire and a wire wrapped 1 inch quartz point. It is 40.00 and measures around 17".

Touch of grey necklace. This necklace is beaded in white, grey, and silver lined japanese size 11 seed beads. It features a clear glass cabochon. It is adjustable from 16-18 inches. It is 35.00.

Blue Roses. This necklace is beaded in shades of blue and silver Japanese Glass seed beads. It is beaded around a core of blue size 20 copper wire. It features silver roses between segments. It is 16.5". It has been GIFTED!

Karen necklace. This necklace, inspired by Karen's diamond collar from "Will & Grace". It is made using silverlined glass size 11 seed beads. It features a red glass cab. It is 14.5 inches around and is 40.00. (Includes FREE earrings!)

Garnet and pearls. This necklace is beaded in 2-drop peyote stitch using burgundy-metallic japanese size 11 seed beads. It is 15" and 35.00. (Includes FREE earrings!)

Red, black, and grey donut necklace. This is beaded in red, black and grey segments using Herrinbone stitch. It has a peyote stitched center and a red, black, white, etc jasper donut. It is 17-19.5". DONATED!

Earth neacklace. This necklace is beaded with blue and green japanese glass seed beads. It features a blue glass cab beaded in net and peyote stitch, It looks a bit like the earth when viewed thru the cab. This necklace is 14-16 inches long. It is 40.00.

Metallic rainbow. This necklace is beaded in several metallic colors including hamatite, burgundy, purple, and blue. It features a great rainbow finished glass cab. This necklace is 17" and 40.00.

Dragonfly necklace. This is a peyote stitched piece made using black, hematite, ab blue, and silver beads. There are tiny dragonflies beaded into the necklace. It is 14" and 50.00.

Gonturan. This is a gorgeous dichro glass cab beaded in matte silver. It is suspended from 8 strands of the same matte silver, silverlined blue, and silver. It is finished in a blue and silver flame peyote stitch. It is 19". It is 50.00.

Stormy night necklace. This necklace is beaded in black and transparent dark blue size 10 seed beads. It is half peyote stitched and half netted. It features a netted mirror in the center that looks like the moon. This necklace is 18" and 35.00.

Tiny black and white necklace. This necklace is created around a white ab-finished cab using black size 11 glass seed beads. This necklace is 15" and 25.00.

Sunshine and rainbow necklace. This necklace is beaded in sky blue herringbone stitch. The center is netted in all the colors of the rainbow. It features a 1 inch quartz point. This necklace is 17-19" it is 40.00.

Dragonfly #2. This necklace features 3 beaded beads, silver spacers and malachite chips. There is a dragonfly on each side of the center bead. It is 15" long and 25.00.

Sea Dreams. This necklace is peyote stitched in blues and greens with freshwater pearl accents. It features a turqouise colored glass cab beaded in pearl colored seed beads. This necklace is 19-21 inches long and 40.00.

Trash to treasure. The focal of this necklace is made from a recycled Noxzema jar. It is complimented by off-white peyote stitched tubes, gold craft wire links, and ble glass rounds. It is 50

Gold and blue. This necklace is beaded with turquoise and silver lined gold Delica Beads, size 6 seed beads, and the focal may contain gold flake. It was found in a stream in Metaline, WA. This necklace is 50.00

Moon and stars. This delicate necklace features hematite stars, periwinkle colored flat round beads, and silver chain. It is 30.00

Spring Necklace. This necklace is beaded in silver lined red, green, and clear glass size 11 beads. It also features a clear glass cab and clear glass rounds peyote stitched into place. This necklace is 18" long. It has been GIFTED!

Three Goddesses. Here you see a fire Goddess, beaded in red, orange, gold, and black. The Water Goddess is beaded in light blue, dark blue, white and silver. The Earth Goddess is beaded in black, blue, green, red, etc and features planets all over with the Earth over her pregnant belly. Each is beaded in brick stitch over a crayola model magic form. They are 40.00 each.

Black and green hand flower. This bracelet/ring combo is a combo of peyote stitch and netting with 5 green star mandalas connecting ring and bracelet. It is 20.00.

Lilacs: This double strand necklace is beaded in purple and green seed beads. It features three bunches of "lilacs" at its center. It is 40.00