These are my attempts at chainmaille


Blue Donut necklace

This is a chainmaille choker featuring sodalite donuts and 20 gauge 1/4 inch rings.  It is 17 inches and 35.00

Captive ring necklace

This is a chainmaille choker featuring 20 gauge 1/4 inch rings.  It is 17 inches long.  It has rings captured by other rings.  Ill try to get a closer scan as soon as i can


Two **NEW** Bracelets

The top bracelet is not for sale.  If you would like one similar to it, here are its details.  It is made of 18 gauge silver colored craft wire, pink glass beads, and pink and black Cloissone beads.  The weave is called Captive Foxtail.  A similar bracelet would cost 25.00

 middle bracelet-Copper 18 Gauge craft wire in Foxtail Weave.  Unlike its silver sister, this bracelet does not contain beads.  It is 20.00

 Bottom: This bracelet is in a new style I will call "Hex-Nut" for lack of a better word.  It is made of 1/4" Hex Nuts from the local hardware store, peyote stitched into a flat band using Dandyline.  It is 30.00

Jingle Pouch

This is a chainmaille necklace featuring sodalite chips and 20 gauge 1/4 inch rings. It has a 2x 2.5" pouch on the 25 inch spiralling chain 


Byzantine Bracelet

This is a bracelet 7 inches long, using 20 gauge 1/4 inch rings knit in Byzantine weave.  There are 2 rows of the weave making the bracelet about an inch wide

it is 25.00

Black and purple

This bracelet is made using black and purple size 20 1/4 inch rings.  It is made using niobium balls and japanese 6-in-1 weave

it is 25.00

Slave Bracelet

This is a bracelet/ring combo made with European 4-in-1 and 2 in 1 stitch. 

It is 20.00

Gypsy Bell Anklet

This is a great way to annoy your friends as you jingle and dance along!. It features silver 20 gauge 1/4 inch rings and silver jingle bells. it is 10-11 inches